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Andrea EDU-Series Headphones, Headsets & More!

EDU-455 Over Ear Stereo Headset

The Edu-455 is the king of education headsets and does not only provide incredible sound quality but it was designed with daily use in mind. It can handle all the challenges of the education environment. The EDU-455 has rugged earphone grates instead of cloth for hygiene concerns & to prevent pencil stabs, a flexible headband to withstand twists, and so much more!

EDU-255 On Ear Stereo Headset

The Edu-255 is a lightweight over ear headset with excellent sound quality and and even better microphone quality! The 255 is great for classrooms or computer lab usage and are one of the best affordable education headsets you can buy!

EDU-375 Over Ear Stereo Headphones

The Edu-375 headphone is pretty much the EDU-455 headset without the microphone. These over ear education headphones provide the ultimate sound quality and ear comfort. These are our most durable headphones and can withstand twists, drops & daily wear and tear!

EDU-175 On Ear Stereo Headphones

The Edu-175 is the headphone version of our EDU-255 education headsets. One of the most comfortable, affordable, lightweight on ear headphones that are built to withstand the rigors of the classroom.  Their sleek design makes them a no brainer for the price!

EDU-USB External USB Headset Adapter

The Edu-USB is the perfect addition to any computer that does not have the standard pink and green PC headset jacks. Not only does it match the sleek design of all of our EDU-Series headphones & education headsets but it also provides an easy plug and play solution if you are trying to use your current headset with a non compatible computer!