ANC-300 Microphone

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Dual Function Hand-Held Computer Microphone


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  1. Plug the pink microphone jack (indicated by a microphone   icon) into the “mic in” port.MICROPHONE OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS
    • The ANC-300 can be used as either a Desktop Microphone or a Hand Held Microphone.
    • To use the ANC-300 in the Desktop mode, place the ANC-300 in its base, and set the selector switch to the Desktop mode.
    • To use the ANC-300 in the Hand Held mode, remove the ANC-300 from its base, and set the selector switch to the Hand Held mode. Hold the ANC-300 so that the microphone is approximately 3/4″ in front of your mouth and speak naturally.

Product Manual

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Frequently Asked Questions

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System Requirements

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Compatible with:
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8 and 8.5
Windows 10 and up
*Apple computers require the USB-MA USB adapter, or the C-100 for mic/headphone combo ports.

Product Specifications

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