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EDU-255M Headset

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Mobile Stereo Headset (On ear)  with in-line volume control and single plug for use on iPads, and all versions of tablet computers with a single shared analog jack (Macbooks), iPhones, Smart Phones and most non-smart phones. Perfect for use as an education headset, tablet headset, or a *mobile device headset.

*Not compatible with Nokia devices.


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  1. Plug the black plug into your mobile device’s *shared microphone/speaker port.
  2. Fit the adjustable headband over your head to secure the headset. The speakers should be resting comfortably on your ears.
    Note: The microphone boom can rotate to adapt to either the right or left side of your head. Do not attempt to rotate the boom beyond the stops (it does not rotate a full 360º).
  3. Adjust the microphone boom so that the microphone is approximately 3/4″ in front of your mouth. Make sure that you are talking into the voice side of the microphone, indicated by the white dot.

Product Manual

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Frequently Asked Questions

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System Requirements

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Compatible with:
** Apple Macintosh OS X 10.5 and up
*Google Chrome
*Windows 8 and 8.5
*Windows 10
Most smart phones and tablets

NOT compatible with Nokia devices.

* Compatible with any Computer that has a shared analog audio port.
**Only compatible if a shared analog audio port is available. If no shared audio port is available, please use the USB-UNIV Adapter, EDU-255 USB or EDU-255.

Product Specifications

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