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NC-255VM USB Headset

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On-Ear Stereo USB Headset


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  1. Plug the headset USB connector into a USB slot on your computer.
  2. Fit the adjustable headband over your head to secure the headset. The speakers should be resting comfortably on your ears.
    Note: The microphone boom can rotate to adapt to either the right or left side of your head. Do not attempt to rotate the boom beyond the stops (it does not rotate a full 360º).
  3. Adjust the microphone boom so that the microphone is approximately 3/4″ in from the corner of your mouth.

Product Manual

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Download Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Sidetone?

    Sidetone is a feature that allows you to hear your own voice in the headset as you speak into the microphone. Sidetone is also known as mic monitoring.

    This sound confirms that your microphone is operating properly, allows you to monitor what is being recorded and to adjust your speaking volume to a proper level (not too loud, and not too quiet). 

  • When I speak into the microphone, I cannot hear my voice or I hear too much of my voice. How do I adjust the sidetone level in the Windows settings?

    What is sidetone? Sidetone is audio from one’s own voice, that a headset/headphones user hears when speaking into the microphone. Voice is picked up by the microphone and transmitted to the speaker.

    To enable sidetone: 

    1. Open the Sound window by clicking Start>Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Sound (instructions may vary depending on your control panel view).
    2. Click Recording Tab 
    3. Click on the Headset you wish to enable, and then go to Listen Tab or click Properties Button 
    4. Check “Listen to this device” box
    5. Click OK


    1. Go to “Playback through this device” and select the headset
    2. Then hit “Apply” (If you don’t hit apply, it doesn’t make the changes)

    To disable sidetone: 

    1. Open the Sound window by clicking Start>Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Sound (instructions may vary depending on your control panel view).
    2. Click Recording Tab 
    3. Click on the Headset you wish to disable, and then go to Listen tab or click Properties button 
    4. Clear the “Listen to this device” checkbox
    5. Click Apply
    6. Click OK
    7. Click OK to close the Sound window
  • Is the NC-255VM USB compatible with Windows 10?


  • I have upgraded / switched to Windows 10 and my USB device no longer works.

    1. With your device plugged into your computer, go to the Device Manager. You can access Device Manager by using the Windows home screen search bar and typing “Device Manager.” Click on “Sounds, game and video controllers”. NOTE: if you do not see the device listed check the folder marked “Other”.

    2. Right click on the device in question.

    3. Select “Uninstall.”

    4. NOTE: CHECK THE BOX to delete drivers if given the option… Click “OK”.

    5. Leave your device plugged in and restart the computer. Windows should now find and install all necessary drivers.

  • Is there a way to DISABLE the “mute” button on this microphone?

    Unfortunately, there is no way to disable the mute button.

  • My Windows computer does not see my device as a speaker but does list the microphone.

    First, try unplugging and reconnecting the headset to see if it shows up. If not, it may be disabled or hidden. In the playback tab of the Sound control panel, right click in the open area below any listings such as your sound card and choose ‘Show Disabled Devices’ and/or ‘Show Disconnected Devices’. Confirm the Andrea device is NOT disabled or disconnected.

  • I am unable to hear audio from my headset.

    First, make sure the in-line volume control is not set too low. If that is not the issue be sure the Andrea device is set as the default devices in Windows Sound settings or Mac Sound Preferences.

  • My headset will not pass the Dragon sound check.

    Go to the Windows Sound settings and make sure that the Andrea device is set as the input device. Next go into the “Properties” window. Go into the Levels tab and ensure that the microphone gain is set to a minimum of 85%. Click OK. You will now be back in the Recording tab of the Windows Sound settings. While speaking make sure there is only movement on the indicator bars to the right of the Andrea device. If you see movement next to any other microphone, Right click on that device and select Disable.    

  • How do I request warranty service?

    If your device is still not functioning after contacting the Andrea Support Team, you will be asked to submit your proof of purchase via email or fax, verifying that the product was purchased within 1 year. You will then be issued a return material authorization (RMA) number, with complete shipping instructions to return the device to our facility for evaluation. The customer is responsible for the return shipping. A traceable method such as UPS or Fed-X ground is recommended. If the device is found to be defective after evaluation at our facility, a new device will be shipped to you free of charge.

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System Requirements

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Compatible with:
Apple Macintosh OS X 10.5 and up
Google Chrome
Windows 10 & Windows 11

Product Specifications

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Download Data Sheet
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