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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I request warranty service?

    If your device is still not functioning after contacting the Andrea Support Team, you will be asked to submit your proof of purchase via email or fax, verifying that the product was purchased within 1 year. You will then be issued a return material authorization (RMA) number, with complete shipping instructions to return the device to our facility for evaluation. The customer is responsible for the return shipping. A traceable method such as UPS or Fed-X ground is recommended. If the device is found to be defective after evaluation at our facility, a new device will be shipped to you free of charge.

  • How do I add the WNC-1500 as a “New dictation source” to my Dragon profile.

    To add the WNC-1500 as an additional dictation source:

    1. Open Dragon Naturally Speaking.
    2. Load the current user profile (this will occur automatically if there is only a single user profile/source).
    3. On the Dragon Bar, select:
      •”Profile > Add dictation source to current User Profile” menu (in version 11 and 12).
      •”Naturally Speaking >Open User > Source” menu (in version 10).
    4. Select the corresponding User Profile name.
    5. Click the “Source” button and then select “New”.
    6. From the Dictation source drop-down box, select the “Microphone plugged into Mic-In jack (most common)” option.
      Depending on the source being added, additional training may be necessary to ensure accurate voice recognition.
      If the additional source is not available for a device of the same connection type (i.e. original source is a “Mic-In jack (most common)” microphone and the additional source requested is also a “Mic-In jack (most common)” microphone).  In this case, it is better to create a new user profile (for the separate Mic-In jack (most common) microphone) OR to run the Audio Setup Wizard and switch the original source to the Andrea Wireless Headset microphone.
      In Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 Home edition, the initial version of the Help Guide incorrectly stated that an additional source can be added. This feature is only available in Premium edition and higher.  To use a different source, Nuance recommends creating a separate Dragon user profile for each source.
    7. Select the Andrea Wireless Headset microphone from the list of devices, then click “Next”.
    8. Complete the two Check Microphone tests, then click “Next”.
    9. When prompted for General Training, select “Skip training” to bypass the optional training process, then click “Next” again.
      General Training can be completed at this time, which may improve the User Profile’s recognition accuracy, but it is not a requirement.
    10. Click the “Finish” button to complete the process and use the device with the existing Dragon User Profile.
  • How do I set up my WNC-1500 for use with Dragon?

    It is important that when prompted you select “Mic-In jack (most common)” when choosing your input device.
    User Profile:

    • Before using Dragon, a set of user files must be created.
    • The user files store acoustic information about the voice that Dragon uses to recognize what is spoken. These files also store any changes that are made to the standard Dragon vocabulary (for example, any specialized words, names, acronyms, and abbreviations).
    • The New User Wizard guides you through the process of creating a new user. Dictation Source(s): In general, the dictation source is referred to as the type of device into which you will be speaking. The most common choice is a headset microphone plugged into the mic-in jack of the computer. The audio quality from the dictation source may vary, so it is very important that the proper source is selected during Dragon’s New User Wizard/Audio Setup. If you have multiple microphones or devices, it may be necessary to setup an additional user profile or an additional dictation source.

    Here are some guidelines:

    • If the microphone/device connection type is exactly the same, then it is necessary to create a second Dragon user profile.  For example, if the first device is a “Mic-In jack (most common)”, it is recommended to create a separate Dragon user profile for each source.

    Note: Additional sources are only available in Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium/Preferred or higher.

  • Do I need AudioCommander in order for to use my headset with Dragon Naturally Speaking?

    NO! In fact it is important that you do not turn on any additional microphone filters within AudioCommander if you are using Dragon. The additional filters will hamper Dragons ability to properly set the microphones audio levels and hinder your voice recognition score within Dragon. The AudioCommander filters are intended for VoIP, long distance learning and on line gaming where background noise can affect how you are being heard.

  • Why does my WNC-1500 keep turning off?

    In order to prolong battery life the WNC-1500 was designed to go into sleep mode after ten minutes of non use. To wake the device press the power button on the headset once. Note: This feature was removed in later models.

  • Is the WNC-1500 a Bluetooth headset?

    No. The WNC-1500 is wireless RF device and is paired to the supplied Wireless USB Transmitter. RF offers greater bandwidth and allows for superior media streaming.

  • Do I need an installation disk or do I need to download any software in order for my WNC-1500 to work?

    No software is required. Simply plug in the supplied RF Receiver Dongle into an available USB port on your desktop computer, laptop or tablet and follow the paring instructions.

  • Can I use the WNC-1500 with my X-Box or PlayStation game console?

    No. While the WNC-1500 will work brilliantly for on-line gaming it will not work with proprietary game systems such as X-Box, Wi, or PlayStation.

  • What operating systems is the WNC-1500 compatible with?

    The WNC-1500 is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 as well as most Mac operating systems 10.5.8 and higher. The unit is not compatible with Mac El Capitan.

  • My new laptop / tablet / computer does not have a USB port and has only one audio port. Will my the WNC-1500 work?

    The WNC-1500 requires an available USB port in order to operate, so in this case the WNC-1500 will not work.

  • What is the range of my WNC-1500?

    The WNC-1500 has a range of up to 30 feet. Keep in mind that other factors may reduce this distance, such as electronic noise from other equipment and certain types of steel building construction etc…

  • Can I use my WNC-1500 while it is charging?


  • Do I need to “safely eject” my USB headset?

    Since USB headsets are not memory devices it is not necessary to perform the safe eject procedure.

  • Can the battery in my WNC-1500 be replaced?

    No, the Lithium-Ion battery is a non serviceable part.

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